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Are You More Attractive to Mosquito bite? Surprising Study Findings Revealed

People often report experiencing numerous mosquito bites while going out or just sitting around, while their roommates or partners don’t have a single mosquito bite. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you are not alone. According to various studies, about 20% of people regularly consume more than one mosquito bite.

There is a famous saying that mosquitoes bite some people because of their sweet blood, which is wrong. Although blood type plays an important role in mosquito preferences, it is not related to sweetness. Let’s understand more about how mosquitoes are attracted to certain people and if you are one of them.

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That’s Why Mosquito Bite Some People More Than Others

If you experience more mosquito bites than other people in the same situation, the following factors can help you understand the causes and reduce your risk of numerous mosquito-borne illnesses:

Body Odor You Emit

Our bodies produce certain compounds responsible for our body odor. These specific compounds present in sweat and our bodies attract mosquitoes. Researchers have discovered numerous compounds that act as magnets for these insects. Some of these compounds are ammonia and lactic acid. Various studies are still investigating why body odor varies from person to person and whether genetics, specific bacteria on individual skin, or a combination of both are the main causes. Genetics can determine a person’s body odor. Therefore, if you have a family member who is prone to mosquito bites, you may also be susceptible.

The Color Of The Clothes You Are Wearing

The exact reason why mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors is still unknown. But according to researchers, if you wear dark colored clothing like black, blue, green or red, mosquitoes may find it easier to spot you and you may be more prone to mosquito bites.

So, switch to softer colors, such as white, cream or pastel shades.

Your Blood Group Matters

Mosquitoes consume some protein from our blood. So these insects are more welcoming to some blood types than others. According to numerous studies, different species of mosquitoes prefer different blood types, such as Aedes albopictus mosquito species prefer type O blood, while Anopheles gambiae prefers type AB blood group. Our bodies release a chemical signal, which indicates what type of blood we have. This signal creates more attraction to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes Detect Carbon Dioxide Gas

Mosquitoes have maxillary palps, an organ that can detect carbon dioxide gas from a distance. So people who exhale long are more attractive to mosquitoes. We exhale through our nose and mouth. Hence the swarm of mosquitoes around our heads.

Your Body Heat and Exercise Play a Role

According to research, mosquitoes can sense nearby heat sources and water vapor. Therefore, these small-flying insects move towards these heat sources that are at favorable temperatures. Our bodies release heat and water droplets depending on the surrounding temperature and the intensity of the workout. And mosquitoes detect this water vapor and heat, playing a role in mosquito bites.

Pregnancy Increases Attractiveness

According to numerous studies, pregnant females are more attractive to mosquitoes than non-pregnant females. Pregnant women exhale more, release more carbon dioxide, and have a higher body temperature than a normal person. Both these factors attract mosquitoes.

Alcohol Consumption Attracts Mosquitoes

The direct relationship between alcohol consumption and mosquito bites is still under investigation. But according to a recent survey, researchers found that people who drank alcohol were more attractive to mosquitoes than those who were not in the same situation. Therefore, you should be careful against these insects while drinking alcohol.

Bacteria Present on our Skin

Countless bacteria and other microbes live on our skin. Along with our sweat, these bacteria emit a distinctive odor, which attracts mosquitoes. According to one study, participants who attracted mosquitoes had higher numbers of microbes but less diverse communities that were not desirable to mosquitoes.

When a mosquito bites, we get an immune response and experience itching, redness, and swelling around the bite site. But, if you have a severe allergic reaction other than slight swelling and itching, you may be allergic to this bug. If you experience significant swelling, rash, difficulty breathing, or hives, consult your doctor about mosquito allergies.

Mosquito bites can be dangerous for all of us. So, whether you are a mosquito magnet or not, take proper precautions to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

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