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Deepfake Video! Artificial Intelligence is a Cursed Technology

Deepfake Video uses machine learning algorithms to edit an image, audio, video, or any digital file in such a way that it becomes difficult to detect any fakery or editing.

Suppose you want to create a deepfake video. The editor intends to alter Shahrukh Khan’s appearance and insert his face into a video featuring Shahrukh Khan. The editor then allows the deepfake program to analyze some of his videos, and the computer examines the videos to gain a better understanding of the person’s appearance. Based on this understanding, the editor removes Shahrukh Khan’s face and seamlessly replaces it with the face of the desired person.

Now, it matters how you use every technology as it has its advantages and disadvantages. The use of artificial intelligence in medicine has brought unprecedented improvements to people’s daily lives. This issue is going to be a cause of concern in the coming days, especially for those girls who regularly upload selfies on social media.

Believe it or not, it is now possible to create a fake video of any scene with just one photo! This is now a reality and one of the most serious concerns.

Celebrities and politicians have already experienced the emergence of deepfake videos as a bane in their lives, thanks to the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Recently, young women who use social media or hang out anywhere online have become a little more worrisome about this technology.

Misuse of Deepfake Technology

Anne Hathaway Fakes (Source:

Suppose your friend sends you a link one morning and you find yourself falling out of the sky! Because the video clip sent in the link is obscene, and it features you in an intimate moment. However, you were not present in that situation at all! Now, you are aware that it is not you, but the issue lies in how you can explain this to others.

Then, imagine that someone decides to take revenge on another person by making a sensitive statement about them go viral. As a result, the situation in the country or region becomes heated, and the targeted person’s career comes to an end.

It is not surprising that it is possible to create such fake or deepfake videos using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Initially, this technology was limited to altering the faces of celebrities in explicit videos and manipulating the words of politicians. However, its use is no longer restricted to these areas alone. The report from intelligence company Sensiti reveals that the situation is becoming even worse.

According to intelligence company Sensity, deepfake pornographic videos and images of young girls are being collected from the Internet and released through various online communication channels, including Telegram, numbering in the millions so far. And an application named ‘Deepfake Bot’ is being used for this work.

According to Giorgio Patrini, chief executive of Sensity, there is a growing trend of creating deepfake videos or photos using images of ordinary people, except celebrities and politicians. He also said, ‘It is possible to create such a photo or video from just a photo on someone’s social media account.’

What is Deepfake Video Technology?

Deepfake reels

The importance of the name deepfake lies in how difficult it is to differentiate between a fake and the real thing. Deepfake basically edits a video and changes its appearance. Where before it was only possible to edit the image with Photoshop and place the face onto another body, this is now possible with video content as well.

All technologies have their good and bad uses, but the amount of misuse of deepfake technology so far is really worrying, with the main misuse being face-swapping and the creation of revenge porn.

Deepfake video technology is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that uses multiple layers of advanced machine learning algorithms. This advanced algorithm can generate features by collecting data from any source, such as human faces and body movements.

Deepfaking videos requires another type of machine learning system known as a ‘General Adversarial Network’ (GAN). Through this system, many different images of different facial expressions of a person are collected. Then through machine learning, simulations of all facial expressions are created from the images.

Imitating voice using Artificial Intelligence is no longer a very difficult task. After this, through various processes, a video is created by setting facial expressions with voice, which can be easily believed.

The duration of human vision is 0.1 second. That is, it is natural that no less permanent scene than this time will attract attention. And videos made with Artificial Intelligence technology undergo many changes in a short time. And that is why it is not possible for us common people to verify all these fake videos or audios with naked eyes.

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To Stop Deepfakes

When people speak, there are changes in facial blood flow that machine learning cannot detect. Professor Hani Farid of the Department of Computer Science at the University of California is currently working on this issue. All three have come a long way, but it is not possible to say that they have been completely successful.

Deepfake technology is being constantly updated, unlike the times when forensic techniques were developed to deal with deepfakes. However, Facebook has already announced the removal of deepfake videos from its platform through deepfake detection technology. Microsoft is also not behind in this matter.

Facebook is identifying whether the videos are genuine or not through its staff and fact checkers. Various countries are making changes to their cyber security laws and constantly updating cyber security algorithms to prevent deepfakes.

But technology isn’t the only defense against deepfake videos. To deal with deepfakes, you need to know basic online security procedures well. Also make everyone in your family and workplace aware of deepfake detection and prevention methods.

Here Are Some Ways To Detect Deepfake Videos

There is no easy way for the general public to identify a deepfake video, but if you consciously notice the properties of the video separately, hopefully you can identify a few things. For example:

  • the face will become a little blurred
  • Video speed will be a bit jerky
  • There will be changes in lighting from one frame to the next
  • Skin color will change abnormally
  • There will be unusual brightness or no brightness at all
  • lips will match weakly when speaking
  • There will be digital artifacts in the image

What is the Future of Deepfake Technology?

When deepfake technology was invented two years ago, it became easy to identify it by looking at its quality. But nowadays technology is constantly updating due to which it is gradually becoming difficult to understand the difference between real and fake.

A recent report by intelligence company Sensity said that about a million women around the world are collecting photos from social media and using them to create nude photos, which is very promising.

It is estimated that there are over fifteen thousand deepfake videos online to date. About which it is being said that this has been done only for entertainment. But now it only takes a day or two to create a new deepfake, so there is no doubt that this number will grow very quickly.

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