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You can Earn Money by Playing Games on Mobile Apps – 10 Apps – 2024

Earn Money by Playing Games: Our article today covers a very interesting topic. Our visitors will learn a new way or rule to earn money online today. Today, we will explore 10 apps that allow you to earn money by playing games on your Android mobile. We will discover which games can help you earn money by playing on mobile and learn about the apps that facilitate this.

Nowadays we always play some games on our mobiles and enjoy them. So what if there are games that we can play while having fun and earning some income? Then the fun of playing the game will be doubled.

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But, remember, I will never give you a bad idea and therefore I want to say in advance that I am below earning money playing online games. As for the apps, you won’t be able to earn much money with them.

These money-earning games will surely come in handy for you for small mobile recharge, mobile bill payment, or general spending.

If you are a student or not doing any job, you can play these Android games to earn money by playing games.

By looking at some online reviews, I have selected the Android games mentioned below. However, I have not played these Android games to reduce money. So let’s go, we directly know which games can earn money by playing on Android mobile.

Can you Earn Money by Playing Games?

If you are looking to earn regular money by playing new games on your mobile, then you will surely find many such apps. There are many websites and apps to earn money playing games on the internet that pay real money.

However, in terms of earning, which websites or apps are best and genuine, and which apps will give real money, it is necessary to check and use the apps.

Because there are various fake apps and websites on the internet that can cheat you in various ways. So, before using apps to earn money online, make sure to read the reviews of the apps.

Which mobile games can earn money?

You can go to Google Play Store and download the games to make money online for free.

1. MPL – Biggest Gaming App

Play Real Money Earing Games Online On MPL

If you are thinking of making money by playing online games and want to earn a good amount of income, then this game will come in handy for you.

MPL stands for Mobile Premier League.

When this game was on the Google Play Store, it had a total download of over a million. online money-earning game as MPL has gained much popularity. However, you cannot download the game from Google Play Store now.

Hey, you can play the game by downloading it from MPL’s official website. After you visit the website, you need to provide your mobile number and click on “Get SMS with download link”.

In this case, we will send the link to download the application to your mobile. Among these game apps, you will find more than 25 other games that you can play to earn money.

You will find the official website of this game by typing download MPL in Google.

2. Earn money by playing games at Hago

Hago- Party, Chat & Games – Apps on Google Play

Playing games on mobile can help you earn money. Many people have earned money by playing games in this popular Hago app. After reading various reviews on the internet, I found out about this.

The application offers various features such as mini-games, online games, video chat, etc.

This app has been downloaded more than 100 million times and has a Google Play Store rating of 4.2. Users can play over 100 games in this app.

For example,

  • Game
  • Sheep Fight
  • Fruit Master
  • Knife Hit
  • Juice Slash
  • Carrom
  • Knife Hit
  • Hexagon Fight
  • Chess
  • Virus Breaker
  • Pool Winner
  • Rummy
  • Brain Quiz
  • Snakes & Ladders

You will find the Hago application in the Google Play Store, so the app can be trusted.

According to various reviews, you will be paid some money when you play games and win at Hago.

3. MistPlay – Play Games and Earn Reward

Mistplay app to earn money playing games

Which game can earn more money in the shortest time? Is it easy to get money in any game? If you have this kind of questions, try Mistplay, at least once.

You will find lots of fun games of your choice here, which you can play to earn real money.

Here you can earn units by playing games. And, these units won can be converted and redeemed as rewards. Besides, there are also opportunities to win grand prizes by participating in weekly content.

Here you can play various games to earn money. For example, Raid, Family Farm, Rise kingdoms, The Walking Dead, and more.

Features of MistPlay app:

  • For withdrawal, Amazon gift cards, Google Play and Paypal can be used.
  • Lots of fun games are here.
  • Weekly content can generate huge income instantly.

4. FreeCash – Earn money online

FreeCash game money

FreeCash is one of the best and most effective websites to earn money online. Here some bonuses are given to new users along with account creation.

Also, you will find many games here to earn money. There are also other ways to earn money from FreeCash. For example, installing the app, creating an account on the website, completing the survey, earning money by referring , and more.

Coins earned by playing online games within FreeCash can be converted into rewards through various means. For example, PayPal, Bitcoin, VISA, Amazon, etc.

FreeCash features:

  • There are many games for money income.
  • The withdrawal process is very simple.
  • Bonuses are given on creating new accounts.
  • Apart from playing games, you can earn through other means.

5. Rewarded Play: Win cash

playing games with mobile earn

Earn by playing games with mobile.

Rewards can also be earned by playing mobile games using the Rewarded Play App in the Google Play Store by Influence Mobile, Inc. The app has over 10 million downloads on the Play Store with a rating of around 4.4.

Here too you will find lots of fun games.

Here, you are given some points to play the games. And by converting those points as a reward, you can withdraw them as a gift card. Games like Yahtzee, Solitaire, Wheel of Fortune, and more are here.

It can be called a great app to earn gift cards by playing games.

Rewarded Play features:

  • Opportunity to get Free Amazon gift cards.
  • There is no option of Paypal or bank transfer as a reward.
  • Rewards can only be earned as gift cards.
  • There are many good games to earn points.

6. AppStation: Games & Rewards

Earn money by playing games Apps

AppStation: Games & Rewards The Android app is one of the best apps to earn from playing games online. You can download and use this app to earn money easily by playing games on mobile.

You don’t need to make any kind of investment, deposit, or investment in earning money by playing games from this app.

Install the app directly select the game of your choice and play. Now, the more time you play the game, the more coins you can win.

Finally, you can withdraw the won coins by converting them to a Free Gift Card or Paypal Cash. Paypal Minimum $5 Redeem for withdrawal.

AppStation Features:

  • You can withdraw money by Gift card or Paypal.
  • Free app to earn by playing games.
  • You can withdraw minimum $5 through PayPal.

7. Money Well – Games for Rewards

Play games for the most money in the least amount of time

Looking for apps to earn extra money by playing free games in your spare time? Don’t worry, this task is now possible using this Money Well app. Here you can earn money directly by playing games.

This means you will be given some coins to play the games. You have to collect tickets and can redeem them as free money or gift cards.

It is a completely free app, without any kind of in-app purchases and deposits. Open the game of your choice from arcade, adventure, casual, and strategic games within the App.

Now, how long you play the game will be tracked by the app. The more time you play the games, the more coins you will earn.

Money Well app features:

  • Best apps to earn online by playing games.
  • Withdrawals can be made to Gift cards and PayPal cash.
  • No need to make in-app purchases and deposits.

8. Cash Giraffe – Money Earning Game

Cash Giraffe Play and earn

Although you may not believe it when you hear about earning money just by playing games on your mobile, there are various apps and websites on the internet like Cash Giraffe that offer this kind of earning opportunity.

The app in the Google Play Store has a rating of 4.3 and users have downloaded it over 5 million times. The app will track your activity as soon as you open and start playing the game.

While playing the game, you will receive tickets that you can exchange for gift cards or other rewards.

You can withdraw earned rewards through PayPal money, Amazon Gift Card, Steam Voucher, PSN cards, Nintendo Vouchers, Google Play Store Coupons, etc.

Cash Giraffe App Features:

  • Free app to earn by playing games.
  • Withdrawal option available through PayPal.
  • No in-app purchases or deposits required.

9. Dream 11

Play Pantasy Sports & Win Cash Prizes

Dream11 is an eSports gaming platform where you can play fantasy cricket and other sports and earn real money.

It is a strategy-based online sports game where you have to create a virtual team of real players. How your created virtual team is performing in the ongoing live matches around the world,

Depending on this you will be given cash prizes. Besides, you can earn Rs.500 cash bonus by inviting your friends in this app.

For more information please visit the official website of Dream11 –

10. WinZo app

Winzo GamesWinzo Play Mobile Games & Win real Cash

You cannot download these mobile game apps directly from Play Store. You have to go to their official website to download this game.

Here you will find different types of mobile games. Like, Ludo Game, Bubble Shooter, Fruit Samurai, Carrom, Pool etc.

You can use methods like PayTm, PhonePe, UPI or Bank transfer to withdraw money won by playing games on mobile. You can visit their official website by typing WinZo in Google and searching.

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