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How Do I Get Rid of Mosquitoes in My Home – 18 Tips

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The mosquito Name of a painful insect. Besides being an annoying nuisance, they also carry pathogens. These mosquitoes can sometimes cause death to people. Diseases like Chikungunya, Malaria, Dengue, Filaria, Yellow fever, Zika virus etc. are transmitted through mosquitoes. Sprays, coils, and aerosols are not easy to repel mosquitoes. Even if we repel mosquitoes with these, our health is extremely damaged. Therefore, it is important to provide natural mosquito repellants. In earlier times, there were no mosquito coils or sprays. How did people escape from mosquitoes at that time? Know at a glance 18 effective ways to repel mosquitoes.

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18 Tips for Getting Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Home

1. Use of Lemons and Cloves

Photo Credit: pixabay.com

Cut the lemon into pieces and add several cloves inside. Insert the whole clove into the lemon leaving only the clove head outside. Then keep the lemon slices on a plate in the corner of the room. You can stay free from mosquito infestation for several days. This method will eliminate mosquitoes from the house. You can also stick cloves in lemons and place them on the window grill. By doing this, mosquitoes will not enter the house.

2. Use of Neem Oil

Neem Oil
Photo Credit: pixabay.com

Neem has a special mosquito repellent property. Neem oil is also good for the skin. So you can use neem oil to get two benefits at once. Mix equal amounts of neem oil and coconut oil and apply it on the skin. You will see that mosquitoes will not come near you and also the problems of skin allergy and infection will be removed.

3. Use of Mint

Photo Credit: pixabay.com

Take a little water in a small glass and put 5 to 6 mint leaves on the dining table. Change the water every 3 days. According to research in the Journal of Bioresource Technology, mint leaves, like tulsi, also can repel mosquitoes. Not only mosquitoes but the smell of mint keeps many types of insects away from the house. Strain the mint leaves and boil them in water. Spread the steam of this water throughout the room. You will see that all the mosquitoes in the house have fled. You can also apply peppermint oil if you want.

4. Lemon Grass on Tub

Lemon Grass on Tub
Photo Credit: Canva AI

The tub Thai lemon grass contains ‘citronella oil’ which gives off a strong aroma. This fragrance is like a mosquito. Mosquitoes don’t even come near it. As a result, mosquitoes won’t find you if you have a bunch of lemon grass around you. And lemon grass doesn’t look bad either. Place these plant tubs in places where you hang out with other family members or friends in the morning, afternoon, or at night. Stay mosquito-free like this.

5. Nishinda and neem leaf powder with dhuno 

Nishinda and neem leaf powder with dhuno 
Photo Credit: Canva AI

If used daily with nishinda and neem leaf powder along with dhuno, one gets rid of mosquitoes.

6. Yellow Electric Light

Yellow Electric Light
Photo Credit: Canva AI

If you want to reduce mosquito breeding in the house, wrap the electric light in the house in yellow cellophane. The result will be yellow light. You will see less mosquitoes, because mosquitoes want to stay away from yellow light. Also, change the light bulbs indoors and outdoors. Mosquitoes are generally not attracted to all lights. LED lights, yellow ‘bug lights’, or sodium lights are useful in this regard. If you light them, the attack of mosquitoes outside the house in the evening will be reduced a lot.

7. Burn the Tea Leaves

Burn the tea leaves
Photo Credit: Canva AI

and dry them well in the sun. In this way, use the tea leaves instead of washing them. All the mosquitoes and flies in the house will flee from the smoke of burning dry tea leaves.

8. Burning Neem Leaves

Burning Neem Leaves
Photo Credit: Canva AI

The smoke produced by burning neem leaves on charcoal or charcoal fire is very effective in repelling mosquitoes.

9. Catnip Oil

catnip Oil
Photo Credit: iStock

Nepetalactone in catnip oil is about 10 times more powerful than DEET (Diethyle-Meta-toluamide) to repel mosquitoes. Applying catnip oil will keep mosquitoes away.

10. Place the Bat Box on the Porch

Photo Credit: Canva AI

nothing to be afraid of. Wasps eat hundreds of insects an hour. So you can make a bat house to repel mosquitoes. Place it on the balcony or near the ventilator and let the chicks do the work.

11. Keep the Fan On

ceiling fan
Photo Credit: pixabay.com

Mosquitoes are very light. On the other hand, the speed of a fan is about two miles per hour. The speed of rotation of the fan is much faster than the speed of the mosquito, which easily attracts the mosquitoes to the blades. Keep your table fan or pedal fan on when mosquitos arrive in your living area deck or other areas where mosquitoes can easily enter your home. You will get relief from mosquitoes as well as comfort in the heat.

12. Avoid Black, Blue and Red clothes

Black, Blue and Red clothes
Photo Credit: Canva AI

Avoid clothes in colors that mosquitoes like. What a surprise! Yes, some mosquito species are attracted to some dark colors like black, blue, and red. They are also sensitive to heat. So keep the house cool and dress in light colors.

13. Use of Camphor

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Mosquitoes cannot tolerate the smell of camphor at all. You can buy camphor tablets at any pharmacy. Place a 50-gram camphor tablet in a small bowl and fill the bowl with water. Then place it in the corner of the room. Mosquitoes will disappear instantly. Change the water after two days. Do not throw away the previous water. If you use this water for cleaning the house, you will also get rid of the pain of ants in the house.

14. Use Perfume

Photo Credit: pixabay.com

Mosquitoes stay away from perfume. So, before going to sleep at night, you can put perfume, perfume or lotion on your body and go to sleep. It can be said that mosquitoes will be seen much less than usual.

15. Garlic Spray Repels Mosquitoes

garlic spray
Photo Credit: Canva AI

Garlic spray is a very effective natural way to repel mosquitoes. Mix 1 part garlic juice in 5 parts water. Fill the mixture in a bottle and spray it on the parts of the body where mosquitoes may bite. This way no bloodsuckers of any kind will come near you.

16. Keep away from Standing Water

darty water
Photo Credit: iStock

If water accumulates around the house or in the yard, mosquitoes can breed there. So wherever the water accumulates, remove it. Prevent mosquito breeding.

17. Burn the Coconut Fibers

Burn the Coconut Fibers
Photo Credit: Canva AI

Rid of Mosquitoes  of coconut fibers. Dry and shred the coconut husks. Hold a burning match stick in a wooden container. Mosquitoes will disappear within 5-6 minutes.

18. Kerosene Oil Spray

Kerosene Oil Spray
Photo Credit: Canva AI

Take the kerosene oil spray bottle. Add a few pieces of camphor. Shake well and spray the room. There will be no mosquitoes.

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