Parvej Alam

Parvej Alam is an Indian blogger known for his work in the fields of technology, digital marketing, and travel. He is the founder of the popular website “JustGoo.IN,” where he shares his insights and experiences with a wide audience. Parvej’s engaging writing style and in-depth knowledge have earned him a loyal following and established him as a prominent voice in the blogging community.

Early Life and Education of Parvej Alam

Parvej Alam was born and raised in Malda, India. He completed his Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) from a reputed institution, where he developed a strong foundation in technology and digital media.


After completing his education, Parvej began his career as a content writer, focusing on topics related to technology and digital marketing. His passion for writing and sharing knowledge led him to start his own blog, JustGoo, where he could connect with a larger audience.

Blogging Career

Parvej’s blog covers a wide range of topics, including technology reviews, digital marketing strategies, and travel experiences. His articles are well-researched and insightful, making them a valuable resource for his readers.

In addition to his blog, Parvej is also active on social media, where he shares updates and engages with his followers. He has built a strong online presence and continues to inspire others with his passion for blogging.

Personal Life

In his free time, Parvej enjoys traveling and exploring new destinations. He is also an avid reader and loves to spend time with his family and friends in Malda.

Parvej Alam is a talented blogger and content creator who has made a significant impact in the digital space. His dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with his audience have established him as a respected figure in the blogging community.


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