Pediasure 7+ Specialized Nutrition Drink Powder for Growing Children Vanilla Flavour 200 gm


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Pediasure 7+ is scientifically designed formula which contains high quality protein along with the goodness of oats, almonds & essential nutrients. It is specialised nutrition for growing children (above 7 years of age) and provide complete, balanced nutrition*. Pediasure7+ contains vital nutrients to support* strength improvement^, height gain & brain development. Pediasure is a trusted brand in more than 80 countries worldwide and has a rich heritage supported by more than 25 years of clinical studies worldwide.

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1.5x bone Growth:

7-14 years is the second growth spurt for kids, and hence it is important to maximize growth during this period.

Pediasure 7+ contains nutrients that supports bone growth and muscle mass in children from 7 to 14 years of age

Increased mental and physical activities:

Children of the age group of 7 years and above are engaged in various day-to-day activities that require physical and mental strength. Pediasure 7+ helps in meeting nutritional requirement along with healthy diet.

Bone growth and muscle strength:

In order to provide optimum nutrition to support bone growth and Muscle strength of children for maximizing growth during these years of second growth spurt




Pediasure 7+: Specialized Nutrition for your child:

Pediasure 7+ is a specialized nutritional drink for growing children (7 years and above) that provides complete, balanced nutrition*.

*Claims are applicable when consumed as per the recommended method of preparation in 2 servings.

Nutritional drink:

PediaSure 7+ is a specialized drink, scientifically designed with High-Quality Protein along with the goodness of Oats, Almonds and other vital nutrients in the taste of chocolate and vanilla.

A Complete drink for complete growth:

PediaSure 7+ helps in gaining height, improving strength and developing the brain due to the presence of various vital nutrients along with the goodness of Oats and almonds.


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