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Ways to Reduce Acne Fast

The best way to get rid of face acne in one night, which you don’t need to know. We all have acne to some extent. However, seeing acne on the face before a function or party can be a bad mood. Nothing to worry about. You can reduce acne within a day. Let’s look at the methods.

You can Reduce Acne Overnight with Lemon Juice and Cinnamon

Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to make a paste. Apply this mixture to the acne overnight. In the morning, wash off the turmeric with warm water. Hopefully, the acne will have reduced.

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You can use Ice to Reduce Acne within 24 Hours

If you want to remove acne within 24 hours, use ice. Wrap ice cubes in a soft cloth. Gently place the cloth on the pimple. Leave it for 20 seconds and remove, then repeat. Doing this twice in 24 hours will reduce acne.

Tea Tree Oil Reduce Acne Quickly

Tea tree oil can be your weapon against acne. It quickly reduces acne. Before going to sleep, apply a drop of tea tree oil on the acne. In the morning, wash it off with plain water. You’ll see the acne has reduced.

Lemon Juice Clears Acne Overnight

Lemon juice can clear acne overnight. For this, take a cotton ball and add lemon juice to it. Apply the cotton on the pimple for a while before going to sleep at night. In the morning, wash it off with water at normal temperature.

Eggs Reduce Facial Acne Quickly

Egg whites, rich in vitamins and amino acids, destroy acne germs and reduce acne quickly. Beat the egg white well and apply it on the pimples using your fingertips. Let it rest for 4-5 minutes and rinse it off.

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