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Regrow Hair On Bald Scalp Naturally

In today’s era, the problem of hair fall is increasing rapidly due to bad lifestyle and genetic reasons. But it is not limited to hair loss, but nowadays young, especially men, are becoming victims of baldness at an early age. A hair transplant is done to remove baldness. In a hair transplant, hair is taken from other parts of the person’s head and planted in the head where hair is not growing. This is a popular method but it also has its risk factors.

Meanwhile, during a new research in Iran, a new technique has emerged to remove baldness. In this research, scientists have claimed that hair can be regrown through fatty tissue removed from someone’s body.

This unusual technique works especially well in scarring alopecia disease, which is usually the cause of permanent hair loss and is considered an autoimmune condition.


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How to Regrow Hair on Bald Scalp

Why is this technique effective?

But it also offers hope for a treatment for a bigger problem like male pattern baldness, the most common type of hair loss in men, which affects almost half the population before age 50. The study involved four men and five women suffering from this type of baldness to be tested. During the research, 20 ml of fatty tissue taken from his thighs was injected into his scalp thrice at an interval of three months.

More effective than existing treatment

Six months after the treatment, these people saw a significant increase in hair thickness. A hair-pull test was conducted to see how easily hair falls out.

Iranian scientists have discovered the technique.

The authors of this research, led by Iran University of Medical Sciences, concluded that this treatment can control harmful inflammation within the scalp, which can increase hair density and thickness. The injection of fat, which scientists call ‘adipose tissue’, says it can regrow hair.

The research, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, describes existing treatments for baldness, ranging from hair transplants to microneedles. However, these treatments have many problems. Therefore, new experiments and approaches in medical science are always needed to improve the patient’s confidence, attractiveness, and personality, and quality of life.

Fatty tissues produce molecules that according to experts can help in hair regrowth. It can fight against the pain and protect the hair follicles.

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