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What to do if Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded: Internet usage is increasing day by day, resulting in the widespread expansion of online-based E-commerce in addition to the normal business-commerce system. Those of us who use the Internet regularly are very familiar with the word ‘Bandwidth’. So, in today’s post, we will discuss “What is the bandwidth of the website? What should you do if the bandwidth limit exceeded?” I will discuss it in detail.

What is Hosting Bandwidth?

After asking about hosting space, now we ask about bandwidth. Many of us do not know what bandwidth means. What does bandwidth use, why is bandwidth so important for running a website, and many other things we cannot understand? Therefore, in today’s post, we will discuss what bandwidth is and what its use is.

Your website’s bandwidth is the data transfer between your website visitors and your internet connection. Just as you need hosting space on a computer hard disk to create a website, you also need hosting bandwidth to make the website visible online, allowing visitors to view it. Therefore, hosting bandwidth is essential for a website to run.

Let us make the matter clearer with an example –

Suppose you are using internet on broadband modem. You purchased 1 gigabyte i.e. 1024 megabytes of data for use in modem. After starting the modem, you first visited a specific website like After checking how much MB is left after the visit, you saw that 1 MB of data has been consumed, which means there are still 1023 MB of data left. Here it is said that the hosting bandwidth of the said website consumed 1 MB of data for your visit.

So does having more bandwidth mean more visitors will be able to visit the website? The matter can be said much like this. Let this matter become clearer with an example –

We usually eat at different restaurants. Many people can sit and eat together in a big restaurant, as the boundaries of the restaurant are large, the number of tables is also large, and the tables are also quite large. If the table is bigger here, more people will have the opportunity to sit together and eat. You can compare the issue of hosting bandwidth to the hosting table. Just like here, if the table is big and more people have the opportunity to sit together and eat, similarly, if the hosting bandwidth is more, more people will be able to visit your website.

Generally, every hosting company provides different types of packages according to its hosting bandwidth limitation. Our hosting company Host The Website provides various types of affordable hosting packages.

What to do if Bandwidth Limit Exceeded?

Generally, all domain and hosting companies provide a specific amount of bandwidth for each hosting package they provide. For example, they offer 30 GB Bandwidth, 60 GB Bandwidth, 120 GB Bandwidth, etc. However, the amount of bandwidth may be less or more depending on the hosting space. Now, you should buy a hosting package based on how much bandwidth you need for your website. I will provide a calculation below for your understanding. So, you can easily perform the bandwidth calculation.

For example, your website has 5 webpages and each webpage is 100 KB (kilobytes) in size. Now let’s say that 500 visitors visit 5 pages on an average every day. So the total bandwidth required is (500 visitors × 5 webpages × webpage size 100 KB), which equals 2,50,000 KB (kilobytes) or 244.14 MB (megabytes). Besides, if you keep updating the content on your site every day or if you provide any service, the visitors will definitely increase. So initially, you need to buy a bit more bandwidth than prorated.


Note that if you need more bandwidth in the future for any reason, then you should know in advance how much money you have to pay. Moreover, many companies take advantage of the opportunity and increase the price. Although nowadays many web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth. In that case, you should know the details about their server’s Maximum Bandwidth Capacity and Loading Speed.

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